Fence In-Fills

Fence In-Fills

Our Xcel Infill panels are designed and custom manufactured to your requirements, matching existing gates or panels either horizontal or vertical aluminium slat designs. The slats can be positioned within an aluminium frame or on top of the frame with a consistent gap between the slats to provide the most appealing look for your home. Using the thickest aluminium slats and posts available and double welds for each slat connection to the frame, we deliver the highest quality and durable product for our customers.
All Infill panels are Industrially Powder Coated to the highest quality in a Colorbond colour of your choice. In areas where saltwater or pollution would impact on longevity we also “Etch Prime” our products to enhance durability. See colour chart here.


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At Xcel Steel We build our products to order, and our designs take into consideration your security needs and the style and appearance of your residence.Our approach has always been quality and reliability.